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wire netting products
Stainless steel wire netting

Stainless steel wire mesh is extensively used in the sieving of solid matter, Liquid Filtration And separate solid or liquid ect especially used in Acid, alkali environment. for example: make slop mesh in oil industry; make ache wash mesh in galvanized industry and so on in many industry. we all know bolt mesh is bolting and filtrating tool. The exactitude extent of quality products to customers have great impact. So, we guarantee the quality, use the best materials, to bring the best products to customers.

Materials:302,304,316,316L, 304HC,we can also used the materials as your requires.

According to wave method Stainless steel wire mesh divided into square mesh and crimped weave mesh.

Grimped weave mesh production features: wire maked shaped after weave, we used that method as follows; Firstly, compare to stainless steel ,the mesh is samller. Secondly, the stainless steel wire is to rough,third, the mesh is bigger. Fourth, other special requests.

The mesh of Stainless steel crimped mesh usually below in 20 mesh,it also divided to plain weave and separate flower weave.

tebby weave picture
separate flower weave picture

crimped weave mesh table


wire diameter


opening area

mesh weight(pound)/100square feet





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