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wire netting products
Window screen

We started to produce iron wire netting from 1986.This is the beginning of weaving wire netting by machine in Anping and it was weaved by hand before. Our factory manufactures iron wire netting about 20 years, first is green lacquer wire netting, then galvanized iron wire netting, PVC coated wire netting, and now developed into plastic wire netting.

Galvanized Iron wire netting uses mild steel wire to weave it into wire netting first, then galvanized. Based on the way of galvanized, it can be divided into blue white passivation galvanized iron wire netting, iridescence passivation galvanized iron wire netting and white galvanized iron wire netting. Blue white galvanized iron wire netting is our commendatory products, because dealing with the passivation, it is much more anticorrosion than others and the color and lustre is much lighter. The color of the blue white passivation galvanized iron wire netting after packing will not be change five years past in the common warehouse.

Galvanized iron wire netting is wildly used in house and the hotel against mosquito and flies or other flying worms.

Our brand is "Diamond" and "Cock"

The width is usually from 50cm to 150cm, the mesh is from 12 to 26.We can also produce as the buyers' requirement.

Buying diamond galvanized iron wire netting is your wise choice.

The picture as below is blue white passivation galvanized iron wire netting, beside is white galvanized iron wire netting which is common wire netting.

Our diamond galvanized iron wire netting is exported to Pakistan, Syria, turkey, America ,Mexico and etc

The picture as below is iridescence passivation galvanized iron wire netting.

Aluminum alloy wire netting is also named magnalium wire netting or aluminum wire netting. It is weaved by the Al-alloy wire which contained magnesium, and the color is silvery white,

Aluminum alloy wire netting can be coated to green, silver gray, yellow and blue by the epoxy resin, so it also named epoxy resin aluminum wire netting.

Aluminum alloy wire netting coated epoxy resin is the slap-up product, mainly exporting to America and Europe.

Material: magnalium alloy wire
Mesh: 14 X14,16X16, 18X18, 18X14
Wire Dia.:0.18-0.5mm
Width: 50cm-150cm (24-60 inch)
Weaving: type I and type II
Characteristic: The intensity of magnalium alloy wire is higher than the one which does not contain the magnesium. The last one has been fallen into disuse by our factory.

The picture of Aluminum Wire Netting is as followed.

Welcome to our factory, and we will provide you the high quality Diamond Aluminum Wire Netting.

Coated window screening is that coating dope on the surface of the window screening.in order to resist erode and have beautiful colour .it can divided into lacquer-coated window screening and pvc-coated window screening according to the different material.lacquer-coated window screening has two kinds, one is green lacquer iron window screening the other is epoxy-coated window screening .epoxy-coated window screeing can also devide into iron epoxy-coated window screening and aluminium epoxy-coated window screening .

Green lacquer iron window screening is also called enameled wire mesh .we coat green or other colour on the surface of the window screening in order to enhance the capability of the erode-resist

We coat pvc on the iron window screening .it is called pvc-coated window screening .
Colour :black ,blue ,green etc

Epoxy-coated window screening is a kind of window screening that galvanized before coat epoxy lacquer.it has high capability of erode-resist and also has beautiful colours .so it is usually exported to rich countries such as american ,europe …

green lacquer iron window screening
pvc-coated window screening
Our registered trade mark "diamond "is a symbol of good quality .

Welcome to visit our factory .

We are the professional company who are manufacturing the plastic window screen. At present, we are developing the plastic window screen products, trying our best to get the most quotients in the plastic window screen market. Now we have the mature technology about it. The quality of the plastic window screen has got the customers' highly evaluation and we also have the competitive price. The introduction is as followed,

We use the new polyethylene material, not the reborn plastic, though it is cheap, it has many flaws. If we use it, the breadth will be shrink, and the net surface will not unknit.after some days ' solarization.It will bring a strength that may destroy the wire netting in the processing of shrinking. Due this reason, we use new polythene material instead of it.We ensure that,our net surface is unknit, not shrinking.

We can supply many colors,such as green which contains bottle green,aqua,grass green, blue, yellow, red, black. We can satisfied you if you provide the sample.

Plastic window screen can be divided into plain woven and interweave, about the plain woven wire netting, longitude and woof is single, and wire is thick, the gridding is equal and beautiful.It can instead of fiberglass window screen. About interweave wire netting. the woof is single and longitude is dual which twist the woof to the interweave wire netting.The wire is thin, little material used,so price is low.

Our plain woven plastic window screen exports to Occident such as Spain and the interweave one to Africa.

About the plain woven plastic window screen, the aperture is 14,16,18,20,22,24 mesh, wire diameter is from 0.18mm to 0.40mm,the breadth is from 50cm to 280cm.

About the interweave woven plastic window screen, the aperture is 14 and 16 mesh, wire diameter is from 0.13mm to 0.21mm,the breadth is from 50cm to 150cm.

Plastic window screen is also called "polyethylene window screen", "nylon window screen", "HDPE window screen", "HDPE plastic window screen"

The picture of the plain woven plastic window screen is

The picture of the interweave woven window screen is

The plastic window screen is

You are welcome to our factory, and we will provide you good quality "COCK" brand plastic window screen.

Contact Person: Lin Zhuang

Email: luck@wirenetting.cn ; luck@metalnetting.com 
MSN: luck@wirenetting.cn

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